Aerial installation


Long Eaton Aerials has over 20 years experience in the television industry in both the Domestic and Commercial fields. We are a successful business, having gained vast experience in the high growth markets of TV and FM Aerials also satellite systems etc, and is perfectly placed for the new Digital Technologies that are constantly in progression.

Our TV aerials, coax cable and all other equipment are CAI Benchmarked ensuring good digital reception. Brackets are galvanized to ensure no rust and heavy duty masts are used for stability for many years and have the relevant CE Approval.

All of the aerials that we use, TV, FM(Hi-Fi) and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) are all from trusted manufacturer’s – ABC, Triax, Televes, Wolsey etc….

The installation can be to just one room, sky in every room or we can install multi-room systems to your requirements.

With so much poor information available and so many rogue installers trying to make a quick bit of cash, no wonder that the average person is confused. The most important aspect of getting a TV aerial installed is to get the right advice! This in its self is confusing as most aerial companys will bombard you with cheap figures to try to get the job. Although, however attractive the price can sound its not always the best! Most companys will advertise a complete digital aerial for £49. Sounds good….. but its the cheapest aerial money can buy and its the aerial only. If your in need of a new mast and cable this is where they will sting you as they are already on the job and probably removed your existing aerial, putting you in a very vulnerable situation. Long Eaton Aerials DO NOT work like that, you have a fixed price before we start any aerial work for you.

Aerials For Good TV Reception

For good aerial reception areas, we can often install a standard wideband. These are basic aerials for TV, that are often installed on short aerial masts and small brackets on the chimney stack and can be good enough to provide reception generally for one television point. Its not always necessary to use a High Gain aerial, although for the minimal cost difference we would always recommend them around the East Midlands area.

TV Aerials & Poor Reception Areas

Even with a good TV aerial, that may not be enough. A taller aerial mast may be needed to get over any obstructions, this can be very common for aerials in some areas, where trees or buildings may be obstructing the TV aerial transmitter. Trees and tall buildings can be an installers number 2, worst enemy. Traffic wardens being number 1!

For extremely poor reception areas, it may be more appropriate to install Freesat television, to pick up TV channels via satellite. This pretty much guarantees great TV reception. We have a strict policy of employing local TV aerial installers making them in the best position and have the knowledge of the local area and transmitters, including frustrations caused with local transmission difficulties that can be endured by both residents and business in specific areas of the East midlands.  Should you be constantly suffering consistent broadcast problems associated with your location and are missing out on the best that digital TV from Freeview, Freesat, Sky, or the new world that 3D TV has to offer, give us a call and we can advise and fix any problems you may have.

We are here to help and satisfy any needs or requests, whether a simple aerial repair, tuning, aerial installation, or maybe an extra TV aerial extension point in the kitchen or bedroom, please call our friendly customer service team, who will be happy to discuss the ways we can help you without obligation…