Digital TV


If you’ve got an old-style aerial that only lets you access a handful of channels or your picture is breaking up, then it’s time to upgrade.

At Long Eaton Aerials, we’re experts at installing modern aerials that will pick up all the digital channels for you to access through a Freeview box or your digital television. We also install satellite dishs if you’re planning to take out a Sky subscription or would like Freesat.

All standard aerial and satellite installations services come with a 1 year guarantee and High Gain aerials with a 3 year guarantee, including speedy service – we know you want to get stuck into your TV viewing without delay!

We offer installations at competitive rates across the East Midlands. Our installers work on the principle ‘customers are treated in the way that we would expect to be treated as if we were customers ourselves‘ our installers are trustworthy, with a highly qualified fully trained approach in installations and working at heights, combined with exceptional levels of courtesy and customer service. They will even hoover up the dust created from drilling the walls.

Digital aerials are a relatively new revelation – There is actually no such thing in the UK as a ‘digital aerial’. This is often referred to by some disreputable aerial companies to sell you an aerial you do not need. However Most people refer to them as digital aerials or Freeview aerials! In actual fact, the correct name for a ‘digital aerial’ or ‘Freeview aerial’ is known as a ‘wideband aerial’

In order for us to install an aerial to receive digital signals, it is necessary to have certain parameters in place to receive trouble free digital viewing. For reliable aerial reception, according to the CAI, it is important to have an aerial installation with a balun, to match the impedance correctly and to have the correct carrier-to-noise ratios, as well as the correct quality, CAI benchmarked double screen cable to enable the best possible reception.

What do digital aerial signals mean to you?

Aerials for Digital signals need to have certain characteristics in place, to enable the aerial that is receiving digital to be able to work properly, receiving the digital aerial signals and transferring them down a digital compatible aerial cable, to the Freeview box, or digital enabled TV.

This is not to say that your analogue aerial will not work. It might do, but it is less likely to be reliable and receive all of the signal properly to give you all the available digital programs.

How Do ‘Digital Aerials’ Cope With Digital Perform?

Digital aerial signals either perform perfectly or poorly, this means that if your TV aerial is not up to the job it will freeze occasionally, or not work at all. Where the aerial signal dips below a certain parameter it is called the ‘digital cliff effect’. That is when your digital pictures start to break up and freeze, known as blocking and freezing.

Sometimes all you will need is your existing aerial repairing, which is why honest reputable advice is so important.

This highlights the importance of digital signal compatible aerials and professional installations, which is why

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Long Eaton Aerials already have a number of local shops, landlords and letting agents including John Lewis, Bang and Olufsen, Currys and many others.

The only things you would need to receive Freeview is a Freeview-box’ and a decent aerial signal, for the box to work properly . You can purchase Freeview-boxes now very cheaply from most high street stores, with prices starting at around £20.00.

At Long Eaton Aerials we aim to solve your digital and TV Aerial problems.