Foreign Satellite

satellite dish silhouette

Satellite channels are available from nearly every country in Europe and beyond. Languages available include Spanish, German, French, Italian….and many more.

There are lots of satellite dishs available to receive foreign satellite, most of the European channels only require a 60cm dish although 80cm would be better. The dishes can be installed on roofs, behind chimneys, in the garden or on the wall. They are generally made of a metal mesh coated and coloured black, which makes them appear slightly transparent and easier to discreetly hide.

Below is a list of the most popular satellites watched in this country, and the channels viewed.

Astra 19.2° East

This one is more popular with Germans than anyone else because of the wide choice of German programs available, but this satellite also caters for Spanish, French, Dutch and many other European channels.

Hotbird 13°East

Italy has the main channels on this satellite and there are over 50 Italian channels available. Also available are the main channels from France, Greece and Poland. You can also receive movie channels including blue movies.

Astra 28.2° East

This satellite broadcasts Sky digital and also Freesat

Turksat 42° East

This is the main satellite for Turkish channels. Over 50 channels are available and most of them are free.

Hispasat 30° West

All of the Portuguese and Spanish channels are coming from this one.

Nilesat 7° West

For the best of Arabic television. There are lots of popular channels, such as Al Jazeera and nearly all of them are free. The reception is weak in the UK and requires a dish in excess of 1 meter.

Arabsat 26° East

More Arabic television. Over 50 channels and the majority of them are free.

There are so many different channels available from all over the country, It would be difficult to list them all on here. For those of you who require technical details of channels, then try the following website for a full list of the frequencies and availability –