Radio Aerials


FM Aerials

FM aerials are still popular for lots of people having radio tuners and still wanting high quality stereo radio reception.

When FM reception is good, the quality of listening really is fantastic. The fact that DAB is becoming more popular in some households, has not detracted from the fact that FM radio reception still has a lot of fans and a lot of people are still buying FM aerials.

Radio reception really does need a decent VHF aerial to work at it’s optimum level. If it’s not quite working properly, the reception hisses or crackles and can be very irritating.

There is nearly always a solution for poor reception, to help you achieve great quality FM radio reception.

DAB Aerials

With DAB, you can get your favourite FM/AM stations as well as lots of digital-only stations. Digital radio has lots of channels with something for everyone, along with digital quality sound.

Eventually, analogue radio will be switched off and everybody will listen digitally, whether it’s through DAB digital radio, via a digital TV system or via the Internet.

Some DAB stations can be received by plugging a standard FM or TV aerial into a DAB radio, however you will not receive all of the available stations. The best reception will always be via a DAB aerial, there’s no guarantee your existing aerial will actually work.

For optimum results it’s best to have a roof external aerial installed. Give us a call today for free advice on our options that would be available to you.

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