Aerial extensions


Wanting to watch your TV, Satellite or DVD anywhere in your house? If so, a Home Distribution System, or Multiroom television system, could be the answer!

A multiroom system can be completely tailor made and customised to suit your viewing requirements, allowing each digital television in the home to view programs independently of each other. You can also ‘playback’ the program that your watching to another TV, which is ideal if you don’t want to purchase separate DVD or Satellite receivers for every room of your home.

A multiroom system can be fully configured with any digital home entertainment system you have, allowing each room in your property to receive any digital aerial or satellite TV system you currently have installed.

Using infrared emitters, you can control your TV channels, DVD player and DAB digital radio stations from any room in your home. With the integration of further digital television set top boxes, you can stop those unnecessary fights by mum and dad (the kids) over the TV remote control, just go in to different rooms and watch different stations.

Long Eaton Aerials will discreetly install each custom built multiroom system to your home and your specification. Our engineers can call on you to discuss your needs, providing expert advice on your TV viewing requirements. Our installation engineers can also provide the installation of a digital TV aerial or satellite TV system to complement your multiroom installation, and to maximise your home entertainment.

Multiroom can be fully installed and configured to use the latest home viewing digital services, such as Freeview digital television, Freesat & Freesat HD, Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Sky Freesat, and european digital satellite.

Home Security Systems with Multi Room

Installing a Home Security CCTV System, can help you to protect your family and home from undesirable visitors.

Installing CCTV cameras around your property will help to deter any persons that are not wanted, by the cameras presence alone. Your CCTV home security system can be connected into your home multiroom system, allowing you to view each individual CCTV camera installed from any television in your home. Here at Long Eaton Aerials, we can advise and install your bespoke CCTV system to protect your home.