Sky in every room


Once you have your Sky system installed you will probably want to watch Sky television in other rooms of the house. Soccer AM in the bedroom on a Saturday morning, or Jamie Oliver in the Kitchen every tea time, it’s a lot easier than you think.

We can install Sky Extensions to other rooms of your house, rather than having Sky multiroom where you would have two sky satellite receivers with two subscriptions. We can take a feed from your existing Sky box to your bedroom or Kitchen or both, in fact your whole house could be connected to your existing Sky box.

This means you no longer need to stay up in the living room watching your favorite Sky TV programs, you could watch it in bed.

This type of system is excellent because there are no extra subscription costs and is perfectly legal, in-fact Sky put a second RF output on the back of there boxes to allow this to be done. You don’t pay any extra monthly costs just because your whole house is connected to the one satellite receiver.

A typical set up of this type would be: the house has both a terrestrial or digital aerial and a Sky satellite system installed.

Regardless of the number of televisions in the house, this type of system allows complete versatility. Someone could be in the lounge watching Freeview channels, someone else could be in another room watching Sky, and someone could be elsewhere watching a DVD etc, or vice versa from any location.

We can even install magic eyes to allow you to control the Sky system from any room. It works as though the Sky receiver is in front of you, if its Sky+ then you can even playback what you have recorded or even put it to record as normal.

A magic eye is a tiny infra red sensor that we connect to your system to allow control of your sky box from the bedroom or sitting room etc, just point your Sky remote at it and change channel etc…….

The possibilities are endless !!