New Building & Landlords



Long Eaton Aerials has worked with the smallest to the largest of builders over the last decade. We have completed aerials and cabling installations for new builds and complete home renovations, using the latest in Technology. Television and radio in every room controlled from one unit, door entry systems and smart Tv, it can all be done. We have an approachable and friendly manner, open to new ideas and are experts in offering advice and future proofing for technology.

Any type of cabling system from coax to audio visual, telephone, and CCTV. Moving aerials and satellites whilst upgrading properties, we offer the whole lot. Pre-wired cabling systems within any type of building is good foresight and will encourage the client to purchase technologies for their home. Speaking to us in the early stages could save you time, money and guarantee you a happy client.


With many landlords now being put in to the position of being propositioned about the aerial on a rental property and the tenant expecting you to pay for it, who is liable for the cost? Maybe a tenant has moved out and destroyed the old system, cut off the connectors or added extensions and made a mess of it.

We can advise on this and liaise with the tenant directly, sometimes being able to make the old aerial good or maybe arranging a split 50/50 payment if a new aerial is required. However we always look after our Landlords equally, you may have 1 property or 100, we give the same good quality service throughout.

We will advise your tenant the way it is and relieve you, of as much of the cost as possible. We already have the trust of many letting agents in the local area that we have completed jobs for over the years, as the trust has been gained and they know that we will not over charge them and offer a discount for landlords.